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We present Sequoia, a programming language designed to facilitate the development of memory hierarchy aware parallel programs that remain portable across modern machines featuring different memory hierarchy configurations. Sequoia abstractly exposes hierarchical memory in the programming model and provides language mechanisms to describe communication(More)
Merrimac uses stream architecture and advanced interconnection networks to give an order of magnitude more performance per unit cost than cluster-based scientific computers built from the same technology. Organizing the computation into streams and exploiting the resulting locality using a register hierarchy enables a stream architecture to reduce the(More)
The objective of this project was to determine the contribution of lipid content to textural and sensory properties of fresh pork within defined pH classifications. Pigs (n = 1,535; from 248 sires and 836 dams) from the 1991, 1992, and 1994 National Barrow Show Sire Progeny Test were used in this study. The test included purebred Berkshire (107), Chester(More)
Speed and acceleration are essential for field sport athletes. However, the mechanical factors important for field sport acceleration have not been established in the scientific literature. The purpose of this study was to determine the biomechanical and performance factors that differentiate sprint acceleration ability in field sport athletes. Twenty men(More)
PURPOSE To compare various measures of training load (TL) derived from physiological (heart rate [HR]), perceptual (rating of perceived exertion [RPE]), and physical (global positioning system [GPS] and accelerometer) data during in-season field-based training for professional soccer. METHODS Fifteen professional male soccer players (age 24.9 ± 5.4 y,(More)
The objective of this study was to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the thioesterase (TE) domain of the bovine fatty acid synthase (FASN) gene and to evaluate the extent to which they were associated with beef fatty acid composition. The four exons in FASN that encode for the TE domain were sequenced, and three SNPs, AF285607:g.17924A>G,(More)
The effects of adenine nucleotides on pea seed glutamine synthetase (EC activity were examined as a part of our investigation of the regulation of this octameric plant enzyme. Saturation curves for glutamine synthetase activity versus ATP with ADP as the changing fixed inhibitor were not hyperbolic; greater apparent Vmax values were observed in the(More)
A variety of resistance training interventions are used to improve field sport acceleration (e.g., free sprinting, weights, plyometrics, resisted sprinting). The effects these protocols have on acceleration performance and components of sprint technique have not been clearly defined in the literature. This study assessed 4 common protocols (free sprint(More)
The hypothesis was tested that resveratrol, a compound in red wine, would inhibit atherosclerotic development in rabbits fed 0.5% cholesterol for 60 days. Rabbits were supplemented with or without oral resveratrol. During the study, body weights and food consumption were similar for the two groups. The lack of differences between liver weights and a series(More)
We present a compiler for machines with an explicitly managed memory hierarchy and suggest that a primary role of any compiler for such architectures is to manipulate and schedule a hierarchy of bulk operations at varying scales of the application and of the machine. We evaluate the performance of our compiler using several benchmarks running on a Cell(More)