Timothy J. Gale

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In the adaptive fuzzy and neural network control field, there are two basic configurations: direct and indirect. It is well known that the direct configuration needs more restrictions on the control gain than the indirect configuration. In this paper, we propose a direct adaptive fuzzy controller with less restrictions on the control gain. Using an(More)
—In this paper, we propose a two-mode adaptive fuzzy controller with approximation error estimator. In the learning mode, the controller employs some modified adaptive laws to tune the fuzzy system parameters and an approximation error estimator to compensate for the inherent approximation error. In the operating mode, the fuzzy system parameters are fixed,(More)
In this paper an investigation of the gain, delay, and time-constant parameters of the transfer function describing the relation between fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) and oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) in preterm infants is presented. The parameters were estimated following FiO2 adjustments and goodness of fit was used to assess the validity of(More)
Assessment of opioid dependent patients in a replacement program has traditionally relied on conventional methods such as urine testing or face to face examination with a physician. We are introducing new assessment techniques based on pupillometry, reaction time and slurring of speech. The pupillometry test uses a webcam, controlled lighting and customized(More)
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