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This paper provides a description of the relative success of non-doctoral programs at securing accounting faculty of choice. Using the logic that faculty from more prestigious doctoral programs possess more choice in the jobs they take, this paper accumulates the result of these decisions. Focusing on the non-doctoral sector, this paper provides a measure(More)
This study evaluated the effect on canal transportation when acrylic canals were preflared with Peeso reamers before the use of ultrasonic, sonic, and hand instrumentation techniques. Twenty resin blocks with simulated curved root canals were shaped with each technique to a size 40 file 0.5 mm from the apical foramen. Ten of the canals were preflared in the(More)
New academic accountants tend to believe that there is a singular academic labor market that will receive them as they approach the completion of their doctoral programs. In such a world, the caliber of their ideas would be judged according to their ability to make a contribution to the knowledge of discipline. However, past research suggests that a(More)
This article encourages accountants to consider their role in the debates concerning social and environmental accounting. It outlines a placement ethic which provides a framework to explore various schools of thought on social and environmental accounting. A placement ethic uses ideas central to Habermas and Rawls to provide a continuum model to explore(More)
Students react to two basic things when they are asked to rate a college course. Their ratings will reflect a certain response to the course content and to the method in which that content was delivered by a faculty person. We should expect that the resulting opinion of the teacher exists somewhat independent of the value that students perceive in the(More)
Three important changes to how public accounting in the USA is practiced have occurred in the last few years. Large firms have expanded their scope of services to such a degree that multidisciplinary practice seems the next logical step. At the same time, the success of consulting work has required some firms to bifurcate these activities into separate(More)
The Working Paper Series constitutes work in progress by CoBAR's members, and encompasses research within the areas of accounting, finance, information systems, management and business. Feedback to the authors is encouraged in order to assist their ongoing research efforts. Views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those(More)