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The natural history of Chiari malformation and our ability to alter it is poorly understood, and reported results of hindbrain decompression show high recurrence rates. We report 11 years of experience of hindbrain decompression, to evaluate long-term outcome related to surgical technique. The results of patients who underwent hindbrain decompression(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Intracranial infections related to the various foreign materials used to secure intracranial aneurysms are extremely rare. The lack of neoendothelium formation across the necks of aneurysms, which is particularly prone to occur when the sac is incompletely packed by Guglielmi detachable coils (GDC), results in the absence of(More)
A case of an epidermoid cyst in the cerebello-pontine angle presenting with facial pain is reported. The tumour was discovered during neurovascular decompression of the fifth nerve. A pre-operative CT scan was normal. The role of neuroradiological investigation in young patients with trigeminal neuralgia is discussed.
The aim of this study was to determine predictors of functional outcome and survival in a retrospective cohort of spinal cord ependymomas treated at a single institution. Twenty-six patients who underwent treatment of spinal cord ependymoma at a single institution were retrospectively analysed. The clinicopathological features were reviewed and correlated(More)
Fifty-nine of 73 families of children referred for treatment of cancer during 1980 co-operated in a study of the financial consequences of the illness. Except for two social class I families who declined to take part, the sample was representative of the childhood cancer population and families were of similar socioeconomic status to the general population.(More)
En bloc removal of the lower lumbar vertebral bodies (VBs) is a major surgical challenge. The authors describe the surgical technique used in two patients who presented with chordoma confined to the L-5 and L-4 VB, respectively. These tumors were diagnosed using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging during investigation for back pain. Both patients underwent a(More)
The authors report the clinical, radiological, and pathological findings in three cases of paraganglioma of the cauda equina. In one case, magnetic resonance imaging and neurochemical study results are described. No specific identifying features were encountered either clinically or radiologically that were helpful in making a distinction between this and(More)
A case of systemic haematogenous metastasis occurring post-operatively from a primary suprasellar intracranial germinoma is reported. While local invasion and direct spread associated with surgical incision and shunt procedures are well known, haematogenous metastasis of these tumours is extremely rare. Problems associated with establishing this diagnosis(More)
The aim of this study is to assess the accuracy of MRI alone in the differentiation of soft cervical disc protrusion from osteophytic compression in cervical disc disease. In a retrospective study, the MRI scans of 41 patients with cervical disc disease, who had previously undergone surgery, were presented to three independent observers, randomly on two(More)
Statistical modelling was used to analyse clinical features and the Ki-67 proliferation index in a study of 77 cases of glioblastoma multiforme. Relative youth, frontal tumour site and treatment with external beam radiation had an important positive influence on survival. The pre-operative Karnovsky score and the presence of necrosis were not related to(More)