Timothy J. Considine

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Commercial milk protein concentrate (MPC) was used to standardize whole milk for reduced-fat Cheddar cheesemaking. Four replicate cheesemaking trials of three treatments (control, MPC1, and MPC2) were conducted. The control cheese (CC) was made from standardized milk (casein-to-fat ratio, C/F approximately 1.7) obtained by mixing skim milk and whole milk(More)
General physical examination of the male at whatever age is incomplete unless the scrotum and its contents are assessed. Since the scrotum consists of skin, fibrous connective tissue, smooth muscle, vessels, nerves, and a lining of simple squamous epithelium, a variety of tumors may arise in it. Scrotal tumors, however, are infrequent. Rare tumors are(More)
This study examines fuel switching in electricity production following the introduction of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for greenhouse gas emissions. A short-run restricted cost equation is estimated with carbon permits, high-carbon fuels, and low carbon fuels as variable inputs. Shadow values and substitution elasticities for(More)
This study estimates the fiscal, energy, and environmental tradeoffs involved in supplying California’s future energy needs. An integrated framework is developed whereby an econometric forecasting system of California energy demand is coupled with engineering-economic models of energy supply, and economic impacts are estimated using input-output models of(More)
2 Acknowledgements The authors of this study acknowledge that this study was made possible through foundation support to the Communications Institute. person acting on behalf thereof, makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information contained in the report nor that its use(More)
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