Timothy J Bryant

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Hypervascular nodules occur commonly when there is hepatic venous outlet obstruction. Their nature and determinants in the Fontan circulation is poorly understood. We reviewed the records of 27 consecutive Fontan patients who had computerized tomography scan (CT) over a 4 year period for arterialised nodules and alterations in hepatic flow patterns during(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the technical and oncological efficacy of an image-guided cryoablation programme for renal tumours. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective analysis of technical and radiological outcomes was undertaken after treatment of 171 consecutive tumours in 147 patients. Oncological efficacy in a subset of 125 tumours in 104 patients with >6(More)
Osteoarthritis of the knee is associated with deformities of the lower limb and malalignment of the limb segments. Pathogenetic relationships between the two are poorly understood. Alignment was studied by standardized radiography in 167 symptomatic Canadian osteoarthritis patients, and compared with 119 healthy adult volunteers. In healthy adults overall(More)
Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) remains one of the rarer forms of pancreatitis but has become increasingly well recognized and widely diagnosed as it is an important differential, particularly due to the dramatic response to appropriate therapy. It is now best considered as part of a multisystem disease and the notion of "IgG4-related systemic sclerosing(More)
In our laboratory, we have developed a prototype of a personal lift augmentation device (PLAD) that can be worn by workers during manual handling tasks involving lifting or lowering or static holding in symmetric and asymmetric postures. Our concept was to develop a human-speed on-body assistive device that would reduce the required lumbar moment by 20-30%(More)
INTRODUCTION Computed tomography kidneys, ureter and bladder (CTKUB) is the accepted gold standard investigation for suspected renal colic. Dose considerations are particularly pertinent in the context of detecting urolithiasis given the high risk of disease recurrence, which can necessitate multiple radiological examinations over the lifetime of a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stroke associated infection (within the first seven days) occurs in approximately half of stroke patients and is associated with a worse prognosis, especially in the elderly. It is uncertain what factors predict stroke associated infection, yet identification of a suitable biomarker for infection may allow early and appropriate(More)
PURPOSE This study provides milestones for phonological development in African American English (AAE) speakers who are learning Mainstream American English (MAE) as a second dialect. METHOD The Dialect Sensitive Language Test (DSLT; H. Seymour, T. Roeper, & J. G. de Villiers, 2000) was administered to a nationwide sample of typically developing children(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS This study used computed tomography modelling of the abdomen to determine the optimal placements of a magnetic capsule endoscope in the stomach that allows complete mucosal visualization and determined the optimal placement of the handheld magnet to aid pyloric traversing. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using multiplanar reformatting, 100(More)