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The problem of driving an autonomous vehicle in normal traffic engages many areas of AI research and has substantial economic significance. We describe work in progress on a new approach to this problem that uses a decision-theoretic architecture using dynamic probabilistic networks. The architecture provides a sound solution to the problems of sensor(More)
Automatic symbolic traffic scene analysis is essential to many areas of IVHS (Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems). Traffic scene information can be used to optimize traffic flow during busy periods , identify stalled vehicles and accidents, and aid the decision-making of an autonomous vehicle controller. Improvements in technologies for machine(More)
Object identiication|the task of deciding that two observed objects are in fact one and the same object|is a fundamental requirement for any situated agent that reasons about individuals. Object identity, as represented by the equality operator between two terms in predicate calculus, is essentially a rst-order concept. Raw sensory observations, on the(More)
Intracellular protein trafficking plays an important role in neuronal function and survival. Protein misfolding is a common theme found in many neurodegenerative diseases, and intracellular trafficking machinery contributes to the pathological accumulation and clearance of misfolded proteins. Although neurodegenerative diseases exhibit distinct pathological(More)
We present an experimental methodology and results for a machine learning approach to learning opening strategy in the game of Go, a game for which the best computer programs play only at the level of an advanced beginning human player. While the evaluation function in most computer Go programs consists of a carefully crafted combination of pattern(More)
Patients with Down syndrome (DS) invariably develop Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology in their 40s. We have recently found that overexpression of a chromosome 21-encoded microRNA-155 results in decreased levels of the membrane trafficking component, SNX27, diminishing glutamate receptor recycling and thereby impairing synaptic functions in DS. Here, we(More)
Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee..." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844. At the SIGCSE Symposium in 2007, we presented a panel in which seasoned teaching faculty from four large, PhD-granting universities shared the teaching tips we wished we'd known before starting our careers [1]. The difference from earlier "Teaching Tips" panels [6] was that(More)
We discuss our recent experience offering a single introductory computer science course for all students with no prior computer science coursework. The new course interleaves material from traditional CS0 and CS1 courses, providing all students with both a broad overview and an appreciation for the algorithmic foundations of the discipline of computer(More)