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Life on the edge: gastrointestinal parasites from the forest edge and interior primate groups
Humans are responsible for massive changes to primate habitats, and one unanticipated consequence of these alterations may be changes in host–parasite interactions. Edges are a ubiquitous aspect ofExpand
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An exceptional Devonian fish from Australia sheds light on tetrapod origins
The transition from fishes to tetrapods was one of the most dramatic events in the evolution of vertebrates, but many pivotal fossils are incomplete, resulting in gaps in the data that are used forExpand
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Pectoral girdle and fin anatomy of Gogonasus andrewsae long, 1985: Implications for tetrapodomorph limb evolution
Recently discovered material has yielded new information on the pectoral girdle and fin endoskeleton of Gogonasusandrewsae (Frasnian Gogo Formation, Kimberley Region, Western Australia). TheseExpand
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Abstract New material of the Australian Lower Carboniferous rhizodontid Barameda provides additional information on poorly known aspects of rhizodontid anatomy, including the braincase and branchialExpand
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The endocranial anatomy of Gogonasus andrewsae Long, 1985 revealed through micro CT-scanning
  • Timothy Holland
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  • 1 March 2014
ABSTRACT Micro computed tomography has revealed as yet undescribed internal braincase anatomy of the tetrapodomorph fish Gogonasus andrewsae from the Frasnian Gogo Formation, Paddy's Valley,Expand
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The mandible of Kronosaurus queenslandicus Longman, 1924 (Pliosauridae, Brachaucheniinae), from the Lower Cretaceous of northwest Queensland, Australia
ABSTRACT The complete mandible of the brachauchenine thalassophonean pliosaurid Kronosaurus queenslandicus Longman, 1924, is described for the first time from specimen KK F0630, discovered from theExpand
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On the phylogenetic position of Gogonasus andrewsae Long 1985, within the Tetrapodomorpha
Within the Tetrapodomorpha, the Late Devonian Gogonasus andrewsae of the Gogo Formation, Gogo, Western Australia, has occupied an uncertain phylogenetic position. Following the description of severalExpand
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Bone and joint tuberculosis in children in the Blackburn area since 2006: a case series
This report describes a series of four cases of children between the ages 5 and 14 years with bone or joint infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis diagnosed between June 2006 and March 2008 in theExpand
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First ceratosaurian dinosaur from Australia
The basal theropod dinosaur clade Ceratosauria, and its subclade Abelisauroidea, is characteristic of late Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrate faunas in western Gondwana (South America, Africa,Expand
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New Information on the Enigmatic Tetrapodomorph Fish Marsdenichthys longioccipitus (Long, 1985)
ABSTRACT The tetrapodomorph fish Marsdenichthys longioccipitus from the Givetian-Frasnian of Mt. Howitt, Victoria, Australia, occupies an uncertain phylogenetic position. Marsdenichthys has beenExpand
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