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The teats of 18 cows were externally exposed to infection with mastitis organisms by dipping them daily for 1 or 2 weeks in a mixed suspension of Streptococcus dysgalactiae and Str. uberis at the start, the middle or the end of the dry period. The teat sinuses of quarters which remained uninfected after external exposure at the beginning or the middle of(More)
BACKGROUND Glycemic control in hospital intensive care units (ICU) has been the subject of numerous research publications and debate over the past 2 decades. There have been multiple studies showing the benefit of ICU glucose control in reducing both morbidity and mortality. GlySure Ltd has developed a glucose monitor based on a diboronic acid receptor that(More)
Prompted by the rapidly developing field of wearable electronics, research into biocompatible substrates and coatings is intensifying. Acrylate-based hydrogel polymers have gained widespread use as biocompatible articles in applications such as contact and intraocular lenses. Surface treatments and/or coatings present one strategy to further enhance the(More)