Timothy Hensley

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We evaluated facial features in 9 patients from 7 kindreds with Job syndrome. Consistent features included prominent forehead with deep-set eyes, increased width of the nose, a full lower lip, and thickening of the nose and ears. The mean alar width (Z score = +3.9) and outer canthal distance (Z score = +2.2) were significantly increased. A recognizable(More)
sciences librarianship. For those who are considering entering the field of health sciences librarianship, this book is worth reading and helps to better define what being a health sciences librarian involves. Overall, this book is definitely a valuable resource for anybody who is interested in learning more about health sciences librarianship.—Judy Ian(More)
most outstanding of all child composers " (192), serves as Cooper's star example of a prodigy who veers later into conservatism. Despite the scarcity of documentation across the spectrum of child composers , Cooper's observations in this chapter are among his most interesting. Despite the book's reference value and insightful observations, however, its(More)
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