Timothy Hayes

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This paper describes an innovative multiagent system called SAVES with the goal of conserving energy in commercial buildings. We specifically focus on an application to be deployed in an existing university building that provides several key novelties: (i) jointly performed with the university facility management team, SAVES is based on actual occupant(More)
Sustainable energy domains have become extremely important due to the significant growth in energy usage. Building multiagent systems for real-world energy applications raises several research challenges regarding scalability, optimizing multiple competing objectives , model uncertainty, and complexity in deploying the system. Motivated by these challenges,(More)
Research on consumer decision making has long recognized the influence of others. In this comment on Simpson, Griskevicius, and Rothman (this issue), we agree with them that consumer decisions are best understood in the social contexts in which these decisions are made. We explain how research on consumer social influence incorporates social motives, and we(More)
In this article, we describe a recent development in the analysis of attrition: using classification and regression trees (CART) and random forest methods to generate inverse sampling weights. These flexible machine learning techniques have the potential to capture complex nonlinear, interactive selection models, yet to our knowledge, their performance in(More)
For robust measures of location associated with J dependent groups, various methods have been proposed that are aimed at testing the global hypothesis of a common measure of location applied to the marginal distributions. A criticism of these methods is that they do not deal with outliers in a manner that takes into account the overall structure of the(More)
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science. However, because of strong incentives for innovation and weak incentives for confirmation, direct replication is rarely practiced or published. The Reproducibility Project is an open, large-scale, collaborative effort to systematically examine the rate and predictors of reproducibility in psychological(More)
+-2Cl-cotransporter abundance and location in Atlantic salmon: effects of seawater and smolting. Effects of corticosterone on activity and home-range size of free-ranging male lizards. Hormones and Behavior 28:53-65. Damme. 2002. Trade-offs between speed and endurance in the frog Xenopus laevis: a multi-level approach.Alder. 1999. Seasonal specificity of(More)
Morphologically distinct secretory cells in the pituitary pars distalis and pars tuberalis of larval and adult toads (Bufo boreas) immunoreactive cells in the pars distalis. Thyrotropin immunoactivity appears in pars tuberalis and pars distalis before gonadotropin immunoreactivity during early development. Antisera which distinguish gonadotropes (stained(More)
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