Timothy H. Greer

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In 2 studies, developmental changes in variability associated with handwriting were investigated. In Study 1, variability in grip patterns and pen positioning relative to a flat surface were examined in 3- and 5-year-olds and adults. The results indicated that between 3 and 5 years of age there is a reduction in the number of grips that individual children(More)
Given the ubiquitous nature of technology, privacy remains a focal issue. The purpose of this paper is to incorporate individual personality variables into a research model that helps explain and predict concerns about information privacy, computer anxiety, and behavioral intentions. The personality traits investigated include morality, self efficacy, risk(More)
As universities respond to the recent demand for E-commerce, faculty members are now being assigned the task of developing, implementing, and teaching E-commerce courses. Since E-commerce is intertwined in almost all areas of business, most business courses now include some discussion on pertinent E-commerce topics. However, many information systems(More)
Due to the adverse effect of CO 2 from fossil fuel combustion on the earth's ecosystems, the most cost effective method for CO 2 capture is an important area of research. The predominant process for CO 2 capture currently employed by industry is chemical absorption in amine solutions. A dynamic model for the de-absorption process was developed with(More)
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