Timothy Gifford

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A mixed reality system has been created for simulating gas metal arc welding (GMAW) welding. This simulation system is intended for use in training human welders. The system is comprised of a real welding torch attached to a force feedback device, a head-mounted display, a 6 DOF tracking system for both the torch and the user’s head, and external audio(More)
A randomized posttest-only double blind design was used to pilot test the effect of a virtual practitioner pain communication coach on older adults' communication of their osteoarthritis pain. Baseline pain intensity and pain interference with activities were measured using the Brief Pain Inventory Short Form. Thirty older adults watched a video of a(More)
Anxiety impairs evacuees' ability to select appropriate routes during building fire and smoke evacuations. Understanding anxiety is thus essential to provide proper guidance to evacuees. However, it is challenging to model how anxiety affects evacuees' decision-making process, and how to validate the resulting approach with very limited available data. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To pilot test the effects of a virtual pain coach on ambulatory Spanish-speaking older adults with pain from osteoarthritis. METHODS A randomized, controlled design was used. Eighteen Spanish-speaking older adults were randomly assigned to the virtual pain coach and pain communication education group, or to the pain communication education-only(More)
In building evacuation problems, psychological features such as route familiarity, following the guidance and herding may influence evacuees' route choice. Based on psychological findings, a new macroscopic network-flow model that incorporates the effects of psychological features is established in this paper. These features are unified through the notion(More)
There is a need to enhance patient and practitioner pain communications. A pain communication plus virtual pain coach intervention was tested in the primary care setting for the effect on communication of osteoarthritis pain information by older adults aged ≥60 years, on practitioners' pain management changes, and on older adults' reduced pain and(More)
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