Timothy G McWilliams

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We present a case of superior dislocation of the patella trapped by interlocked osteophytes. Unlike previous reports, in which the mechanism resulted from a blow to the inferior pole, it is postulated that increased load on the extensor mechanism, combined with patella alta and patellofemoral osteophytes, caused locking of the knee in extension.
The time to insertion of the femoral component into a cemented medullary cavity during total hip arthroplasty was reviewed. A survey of current practice among a group of surgeons was undertaken, and reproducible model of femoral cement penetration was developed. Under standard conditions, this showed maximum penetration of Vacu-Mix Plus CMW1 gentamicin(More)
INTRODUCTION Constrained acetabular inserts are designed as revision solutions for unstable total hip arthroplasties to prevent dislocation and as a possible primary option for elderly patients at risk of recurrent dislocation. PURPOSE Our aim was to establish clinical and radiological outcomes of an 'all-poly' constrained acetabular device and to(More)
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