Timothy G. Babbitt

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There are hundreds of articles, numerous governmental research papers and congressional acts that are focused on attending to a shortage or information technology (IT) labor. Many predict a crippling effect from such a shortage, and a minority opinion suggests that there is no shortage. In part, this difference may reflect a lack of conceptual clarity of(More)
This study argues that factors such as the characteristics of the organization, the portfolio of IT projects they are managing and skill composition of their IT workers influence a firm’s outsourcing decision. Using a case study methodology at 10 firms located in the Midwest, we will study organizational and project characteristics as they relate to the(More)
Spreadsheets have become commonplace, facilitating decision-making at all levels in most organizations. Their ease of use is unfortunately accompanied by an abundance of errors, which some researchers have discovered to reach the magnitude of billions of dollars. There are two main streams of research in this area. One focuses on the categorization of and(More)
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