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In the USA, thousands of volunteers are engaged in tracking plant and animal phenology through a variety of citizen science programs for the purpose of amassing spatially and temporally comprehensive datasets useful to scientists and resource managers. The quality of these observations and their suitability for scientific analysis, however, remains largely(More)
2 ABSTRACT The research and writing related to privacy has approached the concept from psychological or philosophical perspectives with little empirical foundations. While the concept has been discussed and debated theoretically for years, little to no data has been collected. This article seeks to remedy this issue using a nationally representative(More)
Substantial declines of Pacific salmon populations have occurred over the past several decades related to large-scale anthropogenic and climatic changes in freshwater and marine environments. In the Columbia River Basin, migrating juvenile salmonids may pass as many as eight large-scale hydropower projects before reaching the ocean; however, the cumulative(More)
of documents and data as a part of the Open Government Initiative [1]. The proactive release of data and documents not only can get the information to the public in a quicker manner, but also has decreased the number of and cost of handling FOIA requests [1]. Though not obvious, there is a strong connection between information transparency and interaction(More)
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