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Learning the value of information in an uncertain world
Our decisions are guided by outcomes that are associated with decisions made in the past. However, the amount of influence each past outcome has on our next decision remains unclear. To ensureExpand
Associative learning of social value
We demonstrate that social information may be acquired using the same associative processes assumed to underlie reward-based learning, but in parallel neural processing streams. Expand
Advances in diffusion MRI acquisition and processing in the Human Connectome Project
We present recent advances in acquisition and processing that allow us to obtain very high-quality in-vivo MRI data, whilst enabling scanning of a very large number of subjects. Expand
A positive-negative mode of population covariation links brain connectivity, demographics and behavior
We investigated the relationship between individual subjects' functional connectomes and 280 behavioral and demographic measures in a single holistic multivariate analysis relating imaging toExpand
Tools of the trade: psychophysiological interactions and functional connectivity.
Psychophysiological interactions (PPIs) analysis is a method for investigating task-specific changes in the relationship between activity in different brain areas, using functional magnetic resonanceExpand
Optimal decision making and the anterior cingulate cortex
Learning the value of options in an uncertain environment is central to optimal decision making. The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) has been implicated in using reinforcement information to controlExpand
The Human Connectome Project's neuroimaging approach
This paper presents an integrated approach to data acquisition, analysis and sharing that builds upon recent advances, particularly from the Human Connectome Project (HCP). Expand
Frontal Cortex and Reward-Guided Learning and Decision-Making
Reward-guided decision-making and learning depends on distributed neural circuits with many components. Here we focus on recent evidence that suggests four frontal lobe regions make distinctExpand
Mechanisms underlying cortical activity during value-guided choice
When choosing between two options, correlates of their value are represented in neural activity throughout the brain. Whether these representations reflect activity that is fundamental to theExpand
Choice, uncertainty and value in prefrontal and cingulate cortex
Reinforcement learning models that focus on the striatum and dopamine can predict the choices of animals and people. Representations of reward expectation and of reward prediction errors that areExpand