Timothy E. Allen

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The recent availability of heterogeneous high-throughput data types has increased the need for scalable in silico methods with which to integrate data related to the processes of regulation, protein synthesis, and metabolism. A sequence-based framework for modeling transcription and translation in prokaryotes has been established and has been extended to(More)
The genome-wide location of RNA polymerase binding sites was determined in Escherichia coli using chromatin immunoprecipitation and microarrays (chIP-chip). Cross-linked chromatin was isolated in triplicate from rifampin-treated cells, and DNA bound to RNA polymerase was precipitated with an antibody specific for the beta' subunit. The DNA was amplified and(More)
PREAMBLE THE membership of the Society of In-terventional Radiology (SIR) Standards of Practice Committee represents experts in a broad spectrum of interven-tional procedures from both the private and academic sectors of medicine. Generally Standards of Practice Committee members dedicate the vast majority of their professional time to performing(More)
Genome organization can be studied through analysis of chromosome position-dependent patterns in sequence-derived parameters. A comprehensive analysis of such patterns in prokaryotic sequences and genome-scale functional data has yet to be performed. We detected spatial patterns in sequence-derived parameters for 163 chromosomes occurring in 135 bacterial(More)
PERCUTANEOUS transcatheter em-bolization is a safe and effective method of vascular occlusion. Therapeutic embolization has been successfully applied in virtually every vascu-lar territory to arrest hemorrhage, to occlude congenital and acquired vas-cular abnormalities, to palliate neo-plasms, and to ablate tissue. With accumulated experience and the advent(More)
Navy personnel use the REMUS unmanned underwater vehicle to search for submerged objects. Navigation inaccuracies lead to errors in predicting the location of objects and thus increase post-mission search times for explosive ordnance disposal teams. This paper explores components of navigation inaccuracy using discrete event simulation to model the(More)
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