Timothy Dean Holman

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Luffariellolide (2) is a sesterterpene from the Palauan spongeLuffariella sp. that has useful anti-inflammatory properties. In contrast with the irreversible action of manoalide (1) on phospholipase A2, luffariellolide (2) is a slightly less potent but partially reversible PLA2 inhibitor.
Amodular particle-continuum method is extended to include thermal nonequilibrium between translational and rotational energy modes to simulate hypersonic steady-state flows that exhibit small regions of collisional nonequilibrium in a mainly continuum flowfield. This method loosely couples an existing direct-simulation Monte Carlo code to a Navier–Stokes(More)
A hypersonic vehicle crosses many regimes from rarefied to continuum due to the change in density with altitude during the course of its trajectory through a planet’s atmosphere. This variation makes it difficult to simulate the flow since the physical accuracy of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can break down in rarefied flows and the direct simulation(More)
This study investigates the effects of continuum breakdown on the surface aerothermodynamic properties (pressure, stress, heat transfer rate) of a sphere in Mach 25 flows in regimes varying from continuum to a rarefied gas. Results are generated using both continuum (CFD) and particle (DSMC) approaches. The DSMC method utilizes a chemistry model that(More)
for providing me with the opportunity and support needed to complete my studies. I especially thank Dr. Daniel Loveless and Jeff Kauppila for designing the test chips used in this research and for providing guidance throughout the entirety of this work. I am also extremely appreciative of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and BAE Systems for funding this(More)
Dale McMorrow ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Lloyd W. Massengill. With his guidance I have achieved my degree. I would like to thank my other committee members, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Finally, I would like to thank my family. My mother has always provided positive encouragement as I reached for my goals. My father(More)