Timothy DeWalt

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Phylogenetic relationships among 7 of the 10 species of pocket gophers in the genera Pappogeomys and Cratogeomys were addressed using nucleotide sequence data from the entire cytochrome b gene of the mitochondrial genome (1140 base pairs). Results of parsimony analysis were concordant with the results of morphological analysis (R. J. Russell, Univ. Kans.(More)
One hundred forty-seven murid and heteromyid rodents were collected from various sites in the southwestern and western United States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah) and Baja California Norte, Mexico, and their feces were examined for coccidial parasites. Of these, 53 (36%) were infected with at least 1 coccidian; 45 of 53 (85%) of the(More)
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