Timothy David Heidel

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The cost of photovoltaic power can be reduced with organic solar concentrators. These are planar waveguides with a thin-film organic coating on the face and inorganic solar cells attached to the edges. Light is absorbed by the coating and reemitted into waveguide modes for collection by the solar cells. We report single- and tandem-waveguide organic solar(More)
Working Paper Series Recommendations for the US Federal Government " I am sure that what any of us do, we will be criticized either for doing too much or for doing too little…. If an epidemic does not occur, we will be glad. If it does, then I hope we can say… that we have done everything and made every preparation possible to do the best job within the(More)
Despite significant improvements in the performance of organic photovoltaic devices in recent years, the tradeoff between light absorption and charge separation efficiency remains pervasive; increasing light absorption by increasing the device thickness leads to a decrease in exciton diffusion efficiency and vice versa. In this thesis, I demonstrate organic(More)
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