Timothy D. Soper

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Transbronchial biopsy of peripheral lung nodules is hindered by the inability to access lesions endoluminally due to the large diameter of conventional bronchoscopes. An ultrathin scanning fiber bronchoscope has recently been developed to advance image-guided biopsy several branching generations deeper into the peripheral airways. However, navigating a(More)
Flexible cystoscopy is frequently performed for recurrent bladder cancer surveillance, making it the most expensive cancer to treat over the patient's lifetime. An automated bladder surveillance system is being developed to robotically scan the bladder surface using an ultrathin and highly flexible endoscope. Such a system would allow cystoscopic procedures(More)
In modern endoscopy, wide field of view and full color are considered necessary for navigating inside the body, inspecting tissue for disease and guiding interventions such as biopsy or surgery. Current flexible endoscope technologies suffer from reduced resolution when device diameter shrinks. Endoscopic procedures today, using coherent fiber-bundle(More)
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