Timothy D. Mount

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The contingent claims valuation of physical assets and financial derivatives depends critically on the specification and estimation of the stochastic process that describes the price path. Accurate valuation of claims based on competitive electricity prices has proved problematic, as electricity price data are not well represented by traditional commodity(More)
The restructured market for electricity in the UK has experienced a systematic pattern of price spikes associated with the use of market power by the two dominant generators. Partly in response to this problem, the share of capacity owned by any individual generator after restructuring was limited in Victoria, Australia. As a result, a much more competitive(More)
This paper reports on research being conducted by a combination of economists and electrical engineers at Cornell University who are examining potential auction institutions for restructured markets for electric power. As it is a report on developing results and analysis, the discussion remains general throughout. The research follows two related but(More)
The high average prices and high volatility of prices in many restructured markets for electricity have raised concerns about the abuse of market power by generators. At the same time, information about the true costs of generation, that was readily available under regulation, is no longer disclosed by generators. Hence, it is becoming impractical to use a(More)
The high prices that occurred in southern California since the Summer, 2000 led to a substantial amount of regulatory and political intervention. Price caps were lowered and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proposed that a new type of “soft cap” auction should be adopted. This auction combines a standard uniform price auction with a(More)
Restructuring of electric power markets is proceeding across the United States and in many other nations around the world. The performance of these markets will influence everything from the prices faced by consumers to the reliability of the systems. The challenges of these changes present many important areas for research. For much of the northeastern(More)
It is well known that given a network that can become constrained on voltage or real power flows, reserves must also be spatially located in order to handle all credible contingencies. However, to date, there is no credible science-based method for assigning and pricing reserves in this way. Presented in this paper is a new scheduling algorithm(More)
This paper proposes three methods for choosing the transmission system expansion plan considering three reliability constraints, which are deterministic reliability criterion, probabilistic reliability criterion and security criterion based on Ncontingency in order to give more successful market operation. The proposed method minimizes total investment cost(More)
The underlying structure of why and how consumers value reliability of electric service is explored, together with the technological options and cost characteristics for the provision of reliability and the conditions under which market mechanisms can be used to match these values and costs efficiently. This analysis shows that the level of reliability of(More)