Timothy D McClune

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STUDY DESIGN A 5-year longitudinal interview and questionnaire-based survey of back pain in adolescents. OBJECTIVES To determine the natural history of back pain during adolescence in boys and girls and to explore the influence of sports participation and lumbar flexibility. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous data on low back pain and flexibility in(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the literature and provide an evidence based framework for patient centred information and advice on whiplash associated disorders. METHODS A systematic literature search was conducted, which included both clinical and non-clinical articles to encompass the wide range of patients' informational needs. From the studies and previous(More)
Psychosocial factors are known to act as obstacles to recovery from low back pain, but predictors of longer-term outcomes are not established. An average 4-year follow-up of a cohort of 252 low back pain patients attending for manipulative care was conducted to describe the longer-term course of low back pain, and to identify predictors of outcomes.(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to develop and evaluate an evidence based educational booklet on whiplash associated disorders. METHODS A comprehensive review of the available scientific evidence produced a set of unambiguous patient centred messages that challenge unhelpful beliefs about whiplash and promote an active approach to recovery. These messages(More)
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