Timothy D. Drysdale

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—Line edge roughness (LER) in end-of-the-roadmap integrated circuit interconnects causes variability in their resistance R, capacitance C and hence also their RC delay. We present an analysis of LER-induced variability of resistance, capacitance and delay of short-range interconnects within standard cells at the 32, 22 and 18 nm technology nodes using both(More)
We report the experimental in situ characterization of 30-40 MHz and 868 MHz wireless transmission schemes for ingestible capsules, in porcine carcasses. This includes a detailed study of the performance of a magnetically coupled near-field very high-frequency (VHF) transmission scheme that requires only one eighth of the volume and one quarter of the power(More)
End of the roadmap integrated circuit interconnects suffer from capacitance variability due to line edge roughness (LER), significantly impacting overall circuit performance. We forecast the capacitance variability of short range interconnects with realistic line edge roughness at the upcoming 45, 32, and 22 nm technology nodes using a fast TCAD capacitance(More)
We design, fabricate and characterise a narrowband Fabry-Pérot multispectral filter set for the visible range (400-750 nm) that is suitable for integration onto complementary-metal oxide-semiconductor image sensors. We reduce the fabrication steps by fixing the physical cavity length and altering the effective optical length instead. Using electron-beam(More)
Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors are rapidly emerging as a key infrared photon-counting technology. Two front-side-coupled silver dipole nanoantennas, simulated to have resonances at 1480 and 1525 nm, were fabricated in a two-step process. An enhancement of 50 to 130% in the system detection efficiency was observed when illuminating the(More)
Multi-spectral imaging systems typically require the cumbersome integration of disparate filtering materials in order to work simultaneously in multiple spectral regions. We show for the first time how a single nano-patterned metal film can be used to filter multi-spectral content from the visible, near infrared and terahertz bands by hybridizing plasmonics(More)
Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page. We demonstrate that diode-switching can be used to introduce frequency agility into antennas produced by thermal(More)
We have fabricated terahertz wire grid polarizer and terahertz bandpass filter devices on high-density polyethylene substrates using simple photolithographic fabrication techniques. The performance of the fabricated devices was measured using a Fourier transform IR spectrometer. Both devices showed good performance in the terahertz frequency range up to 5(More)