Timothy D Bohane

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The pathological changes in the syndrome of celiac disease, folate deficiency, bilateral occipital calcifications, and intractable epilepsy have not been previously described. A child with this disorder had a field defect correlating with active lateralized epileptic discharges and asymmetrical lesions. After resection of the right occipital lobe she was(More)
A 6 year old boy presenting with a five month history of fever, lethargy, and anorexia, was found to have hepatitis B associated membranous glomerulonephropathy and nephrotic syndrome. After two months treatment with oral lamivudine, his proteinuria cleared and serum albumin and aminotransferases normalised, associated with disappearance of hepatitis B e(More)
BACKGROUND To describe the presenting clinical features of coeliac disease in a single paediatric centre, and to determine if the presenting features vary with age. METHODS A review was conducted of children who had been referred with clinical suspicion of coeliac disease to the paediatric gastroenterology department of a tertiary paediatric hospital in(More)
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