Timothy Crawford

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Although discontinuation of suppressive antifungal therapy for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-associated histoplasmosis is accepted for patients with immunologic recovery, there have been no published studies of this approach in clinical practice, and minimal characterization of individuals who relapse with this disease. We performed a(More)
In utero exposure to opiates may affect autonomic functioning of the fetus and newborn. We investigated heart rate variability (HRV) as a measure of autonomic stability in prenatal opiate-exposed neonates (n = 14) and in control term infants (n = 10). Electrocardiographic data during both non-nutritive and nutritive sucking were evaluated for RR intervals,(More)
Generating effective immersive environments involves providing the synchronized and timely presentation of a range of different perceptual cues. This paper describes the development of a virtual reality system that uses both visual and physical motion cues to simulate a Jet Ski. The paper provides details on the generation of physical and visual motion cues(More)
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