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Sports Facilities as Urban Redevelopment Catalysts
Sports Facilities as Urban Redevelopment Catalysts: Baltimore's Camden Yards and Cleveland's Gateway
Abstract Proponents of sports facilities have justified public expenditures on these projects with the claim that they catalyze redevelopment in downtown areas. To date, little research has assessedExpand
County-level effects of green space access on physical activity.
BACKGROUND Parks and other forms of green space are among the key environmental supports for recreational physical activity. Measurements of green space access have provided mixed results as to theExpand
Local Governments as Policy Entrepreneurs
One centerpiece of Florida’s landmark 1985 growth management legislation was the concept of concurrency, a requirement that new development not proceed unless specific services are in place toExpand
Voluntary Collaboration for Adaptive Governance
The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact (SFRCCC) has been highlighted as a regional climate change governance exemplar for land use planning. After six years, we find the compact hasExpand
From Growth Controls, to Comprehensive Planning, to Smart Growth: Planning's Emerging Fourth Wave
Local, regional, and state growth management policy in the United States has been evolving since the 1950s, generally becoming much more comprehensive in how it addresses growth over time. In thisExpand
Projecting landscapes of death
Abstract Projecting the space needed for the disposal of the dead is often overlooked as a planning function, but the permanence of allocating land to cemetery use makes it critical to long rangeExpand
Beyond the Entrepreneurial City: Municipal Capitalism in San Diego
Over the last several decades the public sector has become much more innovative and entrepreneurial when pursuing downtown redevelopment, embracing characteristics previously restricted to theExpand
The Proof of the Planning Is in the Platting: An Evaluation of Florida's Hurricane Exposure Mitigation Planning Mandate
Problem: Florida's 1985 Growth Management Act required the state's coastal communities to include policies for two types of hurricane hazard zones in their comprehensive plans: to direct populationsExpand