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We study the orbits, tidal heating and mass loss from satellites around close-in gas giant exoplanets. The focus is on large satellites which are potentially observable by their transit signature. We argue that even Earth-size satellites around hot Jupiters may be immune to destruction by orbital decay; detection of such a massive satellite would strongly(More)
Concurrent programming poses a unique set of problems for quality assurance. These difficulties include the complexities of deadlock, livelock and divergence, which can be extremely difficult to detect and debug. A variety of tools have been developed to assist designers and developers of concurrent applications. Some of these tools, such as VeriSoft, are(More)
BACKGROUND Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a clinicopathologic disorder first described in 1978 which has gained significant recognition over the past 10 years. Numerous prevalence studies have been performed around the globe, both in pediatric and adult populations documenting a prevalence between 0.002% and 6.5%. The aim of this study is to assess the(More)
[1] The evolution of the surfaces of bodies unprotected by either strong magnetic fields or thick atmospheres in the solar system is caused by various processes, induced by photons, energetic ions, and micrometeoroids. Among these processes, the continuous bombardment of the solar wind or energetic magnetospheric ions onto the bodies may significantly(More)
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