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World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
Firms and entrepreneurs of all types-from micro-enterprises to multinationals-play a central role in growth and poverty reduction. Their investment decisions drive job creation, the availability andExpand
Government Guarantees: Allocating and Valuing Risk in Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects
Government guarantees can help persuade private investors to finance valuable new infrastructure. But because their costs are hard to estimate and usually do not show up in the government's accounts,Expand
Accounting Devices and Fiscal Illusions
This proposed SDN surveys the various accounting stratagems which governments have used to meet fiscal targets—thereby sidestepping the need for true adjustment—and suggests remedial actions to limitExpand
Concessions for Infrastructure: A Guide to Their Design and Award
This report is not a step-by-step guide on how to negotiate concessions. Nor is it an attempt to identify model contracts or clauses. Rather, it aims at helping policymakers and their advisers toExpand
Infrastructure for poor people : public policy for private provision
The chapters in this book examine the data on infrastructure and the poor in developing countries and consider how policies centered on private provision can address their needs. Many of the chaptersExpand
Some Algebra of Fiscal Transparency: How Accounting Devices Work and How to Reveal Them
Accounting devices that artificially reduce the measured fiscal deficit can be analyzed as transactions involving unrecognized assets and liabilities. Different accounting systems recognize differentExpand
A principled approach to setting optimal diagnostic thresholds: where ROC and indifference curves meet.
It is argued that a test's likelihood ratio is the canonical decision variable and contrast diagnostic thresholds based on likelihood ratio with two popular rules of thumb for choosing a threshold that are appealing but yield optimal thresholds only in special cases. Expand
Appraising Credit Ratings: Does the CAP Fit Better than the ROC?
ROC and CAP analysis are alternative methods for evaluating a wide range of diagnostic systems, including assessments of credit risk. ROC analysis is widely used in many fields, but in finance CAPExpand
Avoiding Customer and Taxpayer Bailouts in Private Infrastructure Projects: Policy Toward Leverage, Risk Allocation, and Bankruptcy
Many private infrastructure projects mix regulation that subjects the private company to considerable risk, a government or regulator that is reluctant to see the company go bankrupt, and highExpand
Implications for Climate-Change Policy of Research on Cooperation in Social Dilemmas
The problem of climate change seems to be a tragedy of the commons: despite the global benefits of reducing green-house gas emissions, no individual has any incentive to reduce his or her ownExpand