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Despite di€ering theoretical views within cognitive semantics there appears to be a consensus on certain fundamental theoretical constructs: (i) the basic semantic unit is a mental concept; (ii) concepts cannot be understood independent of the domain in which they are embedded; (iii) conceptual structures represent a construal of experience, that is, an(More)
We examined graphical representations of aircraft altitude in simulated air traffic control (ATC) displays. In two experiments, size and contrast cues correlated with altitude improved participants' ability to detect future aircraft collisions (conflicts). Experiment 1 demonstrated that, across several set sizes, contrast and size cues to altitude improved(More)
People typically use language expecting the result to be meaningful comprehension. People also expect their perceptions of the world to make sense. For example, the word " up " expresses useful meaning about spatial relations, just as perceiving distance to an object enables useful spatial reasoning. Links between language and perception have been studied(More)
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