Timothy Beach

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We present tow male children who experienced cardiac arrest secondary to unrecognized rhabdomyolysis on the day following an uneventful general anesthetic and recovery room course for adenotonsillectomy. Neither child exhibited hypermetabolism typical of malignant hyperthermia or appeared to have a dystrophinophy, prompting the authors to search for other(More)
We report two cases of healthy infants who were given an IV intubating bolus of a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant (0.1 mg.kg-1 vecuronium) at the beginning of an inhalational induction of anaesthesia. Shortly after the introduction of low concentrations of gaseous agents, both infants exhibited airway obstruction although inspiratory muscle activity was(More)
Episodes of population loss and cultural change, including the famous Classic Collapse, punctuated the long course of Maya civilization. In many cases, these downturns in the fortunes of individual sites and entire regions included significant environmental components such as droughts or anthropogenic environmental degradation. Some afflicted areas remained(More)
Getting at the Maya Collapse has both temporal and geographic dimensions, because it occurred over centuries and great distances. This requires a wide range of research sites and proxy records, ranging from lake cores to geomorphic evidence, such as stratigraphy and speleothems. This article synthesizes these lines of evidence, together with previously(More)
For the past 25 years, halothane has been the primary anesthetic agent at Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. To confirm our impression that adverse reactions to halothane are rarely a problem in children, we examined the records of 200,311 cases conducted with halothane from June 1, 1958, through May 31, 1983. Life-threatening complications due to side(More)
The Department of Defense (DOD) is transforming its way of acquiring new systems and capabilities. Effective test and evaluation is becoming more difficult as individual platforms become part of complex systems of systems (SoS) that must interoperate on a joint battlefield. The Joint Test and Evaluation Methodology (JTEM) program is tasked to develop and(More)
Nasotracheal intubation for the management of airway obstruction in acute epiglottitis has become a well-received practice. However, the same technique has not received widespread support in laryngotracheobronchitis. The purpose of this study was to update the series of nasotracheal intubations in croup and epiglottitis from Columbus Children's Hospital(More)