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– Organisational Sustainability Modelling is a new way to measure Cloud business performance quantitatively and accurately. It combines statistical computation and 3D Visualisation to present the Return on Investment arising from the adoption of Cloud Computing by organisations. The Cloud Return On Investment methodology described in this paper makes use of(More)
The medical literature presents diabetic sensory polyneuropathy as a length-dependent process producing a stocking distribution of sensory loss in the lower extremities. If a purely length-dependent etiology for diabetic sensory polyneuropathy were true, then a validated comparison of sensory loss at any equidistant site about the forefoot will reveal(More)
Background EPA is implementing a new tiered process to conducting ecological risk assessments, which will be used under the FIFRA regulatory framework. This approach will include probabilistic tools and methods at the more refined, higher levels (tiers) to provide information regarding the probability or likelihood of the impact as well as the magnitude or(More)
Please find attached the minutes of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel open meeting held in Arlington, Virginia from March 30-31, 2004. These meeting minutes address a set of scientific issues being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding refined (Level II) terrestrial and aquatic models probabilistic ecological assessments for(More)