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Multiword Expressions: A Pain in the Neck for NLP
Multiword expressions are a key problem for the development of large-scale, linguistically sound natural language processing technology. This paper surveys the problem and some currently availableExpand
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Automatic Evaluation of Topic Coherence
This paper introduces the novel task of topic coherence evaluation, whereby a set of words, as generated by a topic model, is rated for coherence or interpretability. We apply a range of topicExpand
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SemEval-2010 Task 5 : Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles
This paper describes Task 5 of the Workshop on Semantic Evaluation 2010 (SemEval-2010). Systems are to automatically assign keyphrases or keywords to given scientific articles. The participatingExpand
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Machine Reading Tea Leaves: Automatically Evaluating Topic Coherence and Topic Model Quality
Topic models based on latent Dirichlet allocation and related methods are used in a range of user-focused tasks including document navigation and trend analysis, but evaluation of the intrinsicExpand
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Text-Based Twitter User Geolocation Prediction
Geographical location is vital to geospatial applications like local search and event detection. In this paper, we investigate and improve on the task of text-based geolocation prediction of TwitterExpand
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langid.py: An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool
We present langid.py, an off-the-shelf language identification tool. We discuss the design and implementation of langid.py, and provide an empirical comparison on 5 long-document datasets, and 2Expand
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Shared Tasks of the 2015 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text: Twitter Lexical Normalization and Named Entity Recognition
This paper presents the results of the two shared tasks associated with W-NUT 2015: (1) a text normalization task with 10 participants; and (2) a named entity tagging task with 8 participants. WeExpand
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Lexical Normalisation of Short Text Messages: Makn Sens a #twitter
Twitter provides access to large volumes of data in real time, but is notoriously noisy, hampering its utility for NLP. In this paper, we target out-of-vocabulary words in short text messages andExpand
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An Empirical Evaluation of doc2vec with Practical Insights into Document Embedding Generation
Recently, Le and Mikolov (2014) proposed doc2vec as an extension to word2vec (Mikolov et al., 2013a) to learn document-level embeddings. Despite promising results in the original paper, others haveExpand
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An Empirical Model of Multiword Expression Decomposability
This paper presents a construction-inspecific model of multiword expression decomposability based on latent semantic analysis. We use latent semantic analysis to determine the similarity between aExpand
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