Timothy Atkinson

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Prostate cancer progression involves activation of signaling pathways controlling cell proliferation, apoptosis, anoikis, angiogenesis and metastasis. The current PSA-based test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer lacks sensitivity and specificity, resulting in missed diagnoses and unnecessary biopsies. Intense research(More)
In the United States, patterns of opioid use for the management of pain have drastically changed over the past 30 years. In the 1980s, the American pain medicine landscape was characterized by opiophobia, the fear to prescribe opioids. Around the turn of the millennium, however, we witnessed a fairly rapid shift to opiophilia, or the " overpre-scribing " of(More)
We propose cryptographic primitives for reading and assigning the (shared) secret found at a secret index in a vector of secrets. The problem can also be solved in constant round with existing general techniques based on arithmetic circuits and the " equality test " in [4]. However the proposed technique requires to exchange less bits. The proposed(More)
We raise and propose solutions to the problem of guaranteeing that a user of incentive remailing services for anonymization cannot lose money if he does not get full service, i.e., if his message does not reach its destination. Applications such as voting over the Internet or reviewing of articles require anonymous delivery of messages. An anonymizing(More)
We provide algorithms guaranteeing high levels of privacy by computing uniformly random solutions to stable marriages problems. We also provide efficient algorithms extracting a non-uniformly random solution and guaranteeing t-privacy for any threshold t. The most private solution is expensive and is based on a dis-tributed/shared CSP model of the problem.(More)
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