Timothy Astley

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A woman and her lover were accused of murdering the woman's husband. Five weeks after fracture/dislocations of both shoulders and a central fracture/dislocation of the right hip were diagnosed the woman's husband died of septicaemia consequent on a ruptured infected hydronephrosis. The shoulder and hip injuries and the ruptured hydronephrosis were(More)
The variation of the EPR spectra with degree of deuteration of the partially deuterated Tutton salt ammonium hexaaquacopper(II) sulfate, (NH4)2[Cu(H2O)6](SO4)2, has been measured at 293 K. The measurements indicate that the structure changes quite abruptly from that of the pure hydrogenous salt to that of the fully deuterated salt at approximately 50%(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the lack of literature showing improved results compared with cemented designs, uncemented glenoid components are still commonly used in total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA). Most studies comparing cemented with uncemented glenoids involve small numbers or include patients with inflammatory arthritis. METHODS New Zealand National Joint(More)
Abnormal synthesis of type I collagen by fibrocartilage has been suggested as a mechanism involved in degenerative arthritis. Samples of normal and osteoarthritic adult femoral head cartilage were thus studied for histology and collagen composition. The electrophoretic analysis of the cyanogen bromide-derived peptides showed the sole presence of type II(More)
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