Timothy A. Wingert

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The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy recently adopted the MCU-2/P Chemical-Biological Mask to replace the M17 series of protective masks. Visual field plots were generated on a patient wearing each of these respirators. Although both resulted in a decrease of the visual fields, the magnitude of restrictions was far less with the MCU-2/P Chemical-Biological Mask.
PURPOSE To compare the effectiveness of an educational board game with interactive didactic instruction for teaching optometry students elements of the core optometric curriculum. METHODS Forty-two optometry students were divided into two GPA-matched groups and assigned to either 12 hours of game play (game group) or 12 hours of interactive didactic(More)
This study evaluated peripheral vision through the M43 protective mask currently worn by aviators in the AH-64 Apache helicopter. A Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer was used to measure the sensitivity of a subject's visual field with and without the mask. The results were analyzed using Dicon's Fieldview software. The monocular visual field was reduced for(More)
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