Timothy A Poole

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Tension analysis along the retinal surface demonstrates the advantage of meridional buckles over limbal-parallel buckles. A cylindrical sponge generates tensional forces in the retina along the long axis of the buckle and perpendicular to it. The tension perpendicular to the sponge is positive, and the retina and retinal pigment epithelium stretch in that(More)
A temporary apposition of retina and choroid has been created during retinal detachment surgery by injection of sodium hyaluronate into the suprachoroidal space in 14 patients. The iatrogenic choroidal detachment lasts at least seven to ten days, allowing adequate time for retinopexy to permanently seal the retinal hole. Suprachoroidal implantation is(More)
Therapeutic interchange has long been an integral part of drug formulary management, but physicians' and pharmacists' attitudes toward such programs are relatively unknown. This survey was undertaken to determine pharmacists' attitudes, physicians' potential response to a hypothetical interchange, and how well pharmacists predicted physicians' responses. A(More)
A series of in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies was performed to explore the safety and efficacy of argon laser and xenon arc photocoagulation in pseudophakia. The polymethylmethacrylate intracameral lens (Fyodorov) proved resistant to photothermal decomposition and allowed transmission of therapeutically effective energy levels to the retina. The argon(More)
A 27-year-old woman had a curious choroidal mass of 12 years duration in her right eye. Interesting ultrasonic findings of a choroidal osteoma, including acoustic shadowing and reduplication echoes on A-scan and B-scan are presented. Ophthalmic nurses can assist in performing ophthalmic examinations and in reinforcing regular follow-up examinations for(More)
We devised a new binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and a complimentary examination technique that provide enhanced fundus magnification and optimum stereopsis through a wide range of patient pupillary apertures. The lightweight, mechanically simple instrument uses a variable focus Galilean telescopic observation system to enlarge the condensing lens image(More)