Timothy A. Grotjohn

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An atmospheric high-Q re-entrant cavity applicator is used to couple microwave (2.45 GHz) electromagnetic energy directly into the reaction zone of a premixed laminar methane–oxygen flame for flame enhancement. As microwave energy increases, a transition from electric field enhancement to microwave plasma discharge is observed. At low microwave powers (1–5(More)
The design and experimental operation of a compact microwave/rf applicator is described. This applicator operates at atmospheric pressure and couples electromagnetic energy into a premixed CH(4)/O(2) flame. The addition of only 2-15 W of microwave power to a premixed combustion flame with a flame power of 10-40 W serves to extend the flammability limits for(More)
—The re-ignition phenomenon is observed when fuel/ oxidizer is reintroduced into an atmospheric-pressure plasma discharge generated by cutting off the gas flow in a re-entrant microwave-plasma applicator system used for plasma-assisted ignition and combustion research works. Results indicate that, for re-ignition to occur, the electric field must be strong(More)
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