Timothy A. Gessert

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CdTe is one of the most promising materials for thin-film solar cells. However, further improvement of its performance is hindered by its relatively short minority-carrier lifetime. Combining theoretical calculations and experimental measurements, we find that for both intrinsic CdTe and CdTe solar cell devices, longer minority-carrier lifetimes can be(More)
Thin films of CuGaSe2 and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 were evaporated by the 3-stage process onto opposite sides of a single piece of soda-lime glass, coated bifacially with an n-TCO. Junctions were formed simultaneously with each of the p-type absorbers by depositing thin films of n-CdS via chemical bath deposition (CBD) at 60 ̊C. The resulting four-terminal device is a(More)
Polycrystalline thin-film CdTe is one of the leading materials used in photovoltaic solar cells. One way to improve device performance and stability is through understanding how various process steps alter defect states in the CdTe layer. Low-temperature photoluminescence (PL) studies show a 1.456-eV PL peak in single-crystal CdTe that is likely due to a(More)
We report results from in situ real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry (RT-SE) investigations into the sputter deposition and subsequent annealing behavior of permittivity-engineered transparent conductive oxide (TCO) films. RT-SE reveals information about the growth dynamics and evolution of the films’ electro-optical properties during deposition. We(More)
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