Timothe Delaforge

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The paper describes the application of a brand new approach to evaluate magneto harmonic effects in round geometries. Largely employed regular modeling approaches such as Dowell or homogenization methods show important lacks of accuracy for 2D modeling. They are not able to reflect many physically existing phenomena like side effects and empty layers of(More)
The paper describes an application of the magnetic potential based so-called “A-model” to evaluate magneto harmonic effects in round hollow and clad metals conductors. These technologies of conductors show interesting properties to maximize the energy efficiency of windings. However, beside Finite Element Method simulation no analytical(More)
An optimize design process of inductors and transformers used in switching power converters is presented in this paper. An analytical modeling of conductor physical behavior was developed to match optimization requirements, and used to compare various components with different cores - coils geometries and wire technologies. Rigorous analytical modeling was(More)
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