Timos K. Sellis

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The problem of indexing multidimensional objects is considered. First, a classification of existing methods is given along with a discussion of the major issues involved in multidimensional data indexing. Second, a variation to Guttman’s R-trees (R+-trees) that avoids overlapping rectangles in intermediate nodes of the tree is introduced. Algorithms for(More)
Some recently proposed extensions to relational database systems, as well as to deductive database systems, require support for multiple-query processing. For example, in a database system enhanced with inference capabilities, a simple query involving a rule with multiple definitions may expand to more than one actual query that has to be run over the(More)
Multimedia applications usually involve a large number of multimedia objects (texts, images, sounds etc.). Spatial and temporal relationships among these objects should be efficiently supported and retrieved within a multimedia authoring tool. In this paper we present several spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal relationships of interest and propose(More)
Computational microRNA (miRNA) target prediction is one of the key means for deciphering the role of miRNAs in development and disease. Here, we present the DIANA-microT web server as the user interface to the DIANA-microT 3.0 miRNA target prediction algorithm. The web server provides extensive information for predicted miRNA:target gene interactions with a(More)
The processing and management of XML data are popular research issues. However, operations based on the structure of XML data have not received strong attention. These operations involve, among others, the grouping of structurally similar XML documents. Such grouping results from the application of clustering methods with distances that estimate the(More)
MicroRNAs are small endogenously expressed non-coding RNA molecules that regulate target gene expression through translation repression or messenger RNA degradation. MicroRNA regulation is performed through pairing of the microRNA to sites in the messenger RNA of protein coding genes. Since experimental identification of miRNA target genes poses(More)
Pictorial databases require efficient and direct spatial search based on the analog form of spatial objects and relationships instead of search based on some cumbersome alphanumeric encodings of the pictures. This paper briefly describes PSQL, a query language which allows pictorial domains to be presented to the user in their analog form and allows him to(More)
Recent developments in spatial relations have led to their use in numerous applications involving spatial databases. This paper is concerned with the retrieval of topological relations in Minimum Bounding Rectangle-based data structures. We study the topological information that Minimum Bounding Rectangles convey about the actual objects they enclose, using(More)