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Spacing organization: non-representational theory and performing organizational space
This article connects to and extends the attempts to bring space back into critical organizational theory, which, we argue, has mainly been based on the socio-spatial perspective as pioneered byExpand
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The production of educational space: Heterotopia and the business university
This article responds to recent calls for rethinking management education and fostering a spatial understanding of educational practices. We propose to introduce Foucault’s notion of heterotopicExpand
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The ontological politics of artistic interventions: Implications for performing action research
The aim of our article is to reflect upon intervention as a threshold where art and action research meet. For this, we will relate calls to apply the capacity of the performing arts to the socialExpand
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Strategizing in NPOs: A Case Study on the Practice of Organizational Change Between Social Mission and Economic Rationale
This article presents the main results of a longitudinal case study of a strategic change process in a cooperative bank. Pursuing both a “social” mission and an explicitly economic rationale, thisExpand
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Strangely Familiar: The Uncanny and Unsiting Organizational Analysis
This paper focuses on the aesthetics of the uncanny to inquire into and perform affective sites of organizing that are imbued with feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness. We argue that the uncannyExpand
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Balancing Acts: NPO-Leadership and Volunteering
Volunteering is regarded as an increasingly important phenomenon and the employment of volunteers as one of the typical traits of nonprofit organizations. However, the consequences of volunteeringExpand
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Art, aesthetics and organization
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The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education
The position and role of the business school and its educational programs have become increasingly prominent, yet also questioned and contested. What management education entails has become a matterExpand
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Colour and Organization Studies
Colour is inescapable. It fills and forms the world, shaping what can be felt and known, desired and expressed. It thus becomes social technology and organizational tool. At the same time, however,Expand
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