Timo Toivanen

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In this paper we describe our experiences in applying the concept of participatory sensing to environmental monitoring. We have run pilot trials for air quality, water quality and plant disease monitoring. In these pilots, users have reported their personal observations or measurements of various environmental phenomena, using special location-based(More)
Citizen Science, propelled by the growing popularity of smartphones, can provide valuable reference information for remote sensing image analysis. We demonstrate that the Relasphone, a biomass measuring application previously developed and tested in boreal forests of Finland, can be adapted to temperate-cold pine forests in Durango State, Mexico. Relasphone(More)
Background: Water transparency is one indicator of water quality. High water transparency is an indication of clean water. A common method for measuring water transparency is Secchi depth. In this paper, we present an approach to water quality (Secchi depth and turbidity) monitoring using mobile phones and a small device designed for water quality(More)
The availability of ground reference forest data can be a bottleneck in remote sensing studies. Data may be available in only limited areas because of the cost and lengthy process of traditional forest inventory data collection by professionals. In certain cases, forest inventory data may not be easy to obtain, if not impossible.
Due to the high cost of traditional forest plot measurements, the availability of up-to-date in situ forest inventory data has been a bottleneck for remote sensing image analysis in support of the important global forest biomass mapping. Capitalizing on the proliferation of smartphones, citizen science is a promising approach to increase spatial and(More)
Citizen observations, environmental data gathered by volunteers without professional observation capabilities, have been extensively used for Finnish water quality monitoring tasks. Recently, mobile smartphones and their digital cameras have enabled more direct measurements of transparency related water quality variables with inexpensive technology suitable(More)
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