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An analytical method is presented enabling the determination of nine neutral pharmaceuticals in groundwater, and for most of the compounds, in rivers and wastewater down to the lower ng/l range. The analytes belong to different medicinal groups such as antiphlogistics, psychiatric drugs and antidiabetics. Samples are enriched using solid-phase extraction(More)
This immunohistochemical investigation deals with the age-dependent localization and distribution of types I, III, IV, V, and VI collagen and the structural glycoproteins undulin, fibronectin, laminin, tenascin, and vitronectin in the connective tissue of the human uterine tube. The stroma of this oviductal region consisted of all collagen types. Collagen(More)
The biological function of adherent cell populations strongly depends on the physical and biochemical properties of extracellular matrix molecules. Therefore, numerous biocompatible cell carriers have been developed to specifically influence cell attachment, proliferation, cellular differentiation, and tissue formation for diverse cell culture applications(More)
The demand for scaffolds comprised of natural materials such as collagen has increased in recent years. However, many scaffolds rely on chemical or physical modifications in order to comply with the necessary requirements for biomedical engineering. We evaluated the in vivo biocompatibility and biodegradation of a novel, thin, mechanically stable, and(More)
The Picrosirius-polarization method was applied to the selective morphological collagen detection in the human uterine tube. Solaminrot 4B (VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld) was used as dyestuff which enhances the normal birefringency of collagen fibrous material in tissue sections. The results show that the connective tissue of the lamina propria mucosae(More)
We use the disazo dyestuff Solaminrot 4B for the visualization of collagen fibres in the morphological substratum investigated. The dye selectively enhance the birefringency of the fibres. Therefore, the parts of this paper are dealing with the dye properties of 2 charges of Solaminrot 4B produced by Chemie AG Bitterfeld--Wolfen. The 1st charge contain(More)
It is known that the birefringency of the collagen fibres is selectively enhanced by staining with Sirius Red. According to experiences, the most authors usually take Sirius Red F3BA as dye. We use the disazo dyestuff Solaminrot 4B produced by VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld. Thus, the present paper is dealing with physicochemical analysis of the dye. We(More)