Timo Müller

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We illustrate a white caucasian patient with a severe sensorimotor neuropathy due to vitamin B6 hypervitaminosis. The patient used the pendulum to calculate his daily metabolic demands and ingested 9.6g pyridoxine/day. To our knowledge, this is the highest dosage of vitamin B6 administered to humans over prolonged periods of time ever reported in the(More)
The Multifunctional and Adaptive Meal Preparation Facility (MAMPF) is a versatile and adaptive kitchen system allowing even an inexperienced user to create ambitious dishes. On the hardware side, the system controls hotplates by regulating the temperature of heated regions to turn the attention to the food actually being heated instead of the hotplate.(More)
INTRODUCTION Former studies performed by means of supravital methylene blue (MB) staining could demonstrate intraepidermal free nerve fiber endings (FNE). Unfortunately, these publications were only illustrated by drawings. Furthermore, the practical details of the method were only insufficiently handed down to posterity. Therefore, a modification of the(More)
In memory of a lifelong contribution to literary studies. was the first major event organized by the newly-born James Joyce Italian Foundation. The main aim was to celebrate James Joyce's birthday in a new way, emphasizing the fact that, in spite of a postmodern normalizing prejudice at work against modernism as experimentalism, young readers and scholars(More)
Segregation and chemical inhomogeneity are well-known problems in powder metallurgy and are also an issue for new applications of powder mixtures, for example as starting materials for severe plastic deformation. In this study, Cu-coated Fe powder was prepared via immersion deposition, inductively hot-pressed and subsequently deformed using high-pressure(More)
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