Timo Lahtinen

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1. Summary This report describes the adhoc experiments performed by the GE/Rutgers/SICS/SU/Conexor team in the context of TREC-8. The research efforts went in four directions: 1. As in previous years, we performed a full linguistic analysis of the entire corpus, and used the results of the analysis to provide index terms on a higher level of abstraction(More)
Fibrosis is a common side-effect of radiation therapy. As a complex network of cytokines and other mediators plays a central role in the process leading to fibrosis, we used an in vivo method to measure skin collagen synthesis, taking into account the physiological conditions. We determined suction blister (i.e. interstitial) fluid concentrations of types I(More)
Explants of anterior, intermediate and posterior pituitary lobes of rats at various ages evoked an intense nerve fibre outgrowth when co-cultured with neonatal sympathetic superior cervical ganglia in a collagen gel medium. Freezing and thawing of pituitary lobes, prior to culture, did not abolish their growth-promoting effect. Since the addition of(More)
5-Hydroxytryptamine was demonstrated immunohistochemically in developing sympathetic chain ganglia, adrenal medullae and retroperitoneal paraganglionic tissue. Initially, all catecholamine-synthesizing cells were immunoreactive to 5-hydroxytryptamine, but during the maturation some sympathetic cell types lose this property. In the ganglia, small intensely(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF)-like immunoreactivity was demonstrated in the rat pituitary intermediate lobe by indirect immunofluorescence method using antisera specific to beta-NGF isolated from adult male mouse submaxillary salivary gland. Co-culture of frozen or fresh intermediate lobes with newborn rat superior cervical ganglion resulted in marked fiber(More)
Multimodal supply chains are characterized by multiple changes of transport modes, vehicles, and transport operators, and hence, the risks for theft, untimely delivery, and freight quality deterioration increase. There is a growing need to manage the security and efficiency of consignments. Tracking and tracing services, which are on the market, mainly(More)
  • T Lahtinen
  • 1989
Explants of hippocampus from rats at various ages evoked an intense nerve fibre growth from cocultured superior cervical ganglion and septum explants taken from newborn rats. The addition of antiserum to nerve growth factor (NGF) into the culture medium inhibited the outgrowth of nerve fibres from superior cervical ganglia, while septum explants still(More)