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A large part of Requirements Engineering is concerned with involving system users, capturing their needs, and getting their feedback. As users are becoming more and more demanding, markets and technologies are evolving fast, and systems are getting more and more individual, a broad and systematic user involvement in Requirements Engineering is becoming more(More)
The two big fields of sustainability and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are Green IT (how can we make ICT itself more sustainable) and Green by IT (how can we encourage sustainability by ICT). Taking a deeper look, software links these two areas: Regarding Green IT, there are a lot of solutions to build and use hardware in a more energy(More)
In the field of information and computer technology (ICT), saving energy has its focus set on energy efficient hardware and its operation. Recently, efforts have also been made in the area of computer software. However, the development of energy efficient software requires metrics, which measure the software's energy consumption as well as models to monitor(More)
Sustainability is a keyword in the 21th century. It gains importance in all industry sectors, in politics and in public perception. In our paper we give an overview of our research in the field of sustainability in computer science. We focus on software and the development of software. Therefore we make a proposal for a life cycle model which helps to(More)
Nowadays, users can easily submit feedback about software products in app stores, social media, or user groups. Moreover, software vendors are collecting massive amounts of implicit feedback in the form of usage data, error logs, and sensor data. These trends suggest a shift toward data-driven user-centered identification, prioritization, and management of(More)
Caused by the movement to a sustainable development, Green IT is still a big trend and more than just a buzz phrase. Especially data centers are working on their own energy efficiency. Additionally, Green IT needs to involve end users as the ones who play a decisive role in the utilization phase of ICT1 devices as well as software products according to the(More)