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Variations in photosynthesis still cause substantial uncertainties in predicting photosynthetic CO2 uptake rates and monitoring plant stress. Changes in actual photosynthesis that are not related to greenness of vegetation are difficult to measure by reflectance based optical remote sensing techniques. Several activities are underway to evaluate the(More)
The use of fecal streptococci as fecal indicators requires better knowledge of the ecology of these bacteria. We isolated 371 presumptive fecal streptococci from environmental samples--domestic wastewater, forest industry wastewater, contaminated surface and seawater, well water, cow dung, bird droppings, and pristine waters--and clustered them according to(More)
The subunit S1 of pertussis toxin (PT) was purified as the recombinant product BacS1 from the culture supernatant of a Bacillus subtilis strain containing a secretion vector with a DNA fragment coding for the mature subunit S1 inserted downstream of the signal sequence of the alpha-amylase gene. The method of purification was successive ion exchange and(More)
The interaction between "man-shoe and surface" is presented as a model to discuss the complexity of human locomotion. Only if the physiological system "man" interacts positively with the physical requirements of shoe and surface quality running will become effective and economical. Especially during the early ground contact phase the hardness of the shoe(More)
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