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The striking results on noncrossed products were their existence (Amitsur) and the determination of Q(t) and Q((t)) as their smallest possible centres (Brussel). This paper gives the first fully explicit noncrossed product example over Q((t)). As a consequence, the use of deep number theoretic theorems (local-global principles such as the Hasse norm theorem(More)
There is an intense technological race underway to build the highest-performance and lowest-power custom Bitcoin mining appliances using custom ASIC processors. This article describes the architecture and implementation details of CoinTerra's first-generation Bitcoin mining processor, Goldstrike 1, and how this processor is used to design a complete Bitcoin(More)
With rising complexity of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), development quality and speed are of increasing importance. Virtualization contributes towards this goal by providing a controlled environment even before hardware prototypes are available. One crucial component is a realistic description of the vehicle's sensors by means of sensor models.(More)
Realistic sensor models contribute to the progress of advanced driver assistance systems; off-line development is enabled and rare critical scenarios can be tested. In this paper a non-parametric (i.e., data driven) statistical framework is developed to reproduce sensor behavior. A detailed probability density function is constructed via kernel density(More)
Collective motion in actively propelled particle systems is triggered on the very local scale by nucleation of coherently moving units consisting of just a handful of particles. These units grow and merge over time, ending up in a long-range ordered, coherently moving state. So far, there exists no bottom-up understanding of how the microscopic dynamics and(More)
​ AsicBoost is a method to speed up Bitcoin mining by a factor of approximately 20%. The performance gain is achieved through a high­level optimization of the Bitcoin mining algorithm which allows for drastic reduction in gate count on the mining chip. ​ AsicBoost is applicable to all types of mining hardware and chip designs. This paper presents the idea(More)
Virtual testing can improve safety and quality of driver assistance systems. However, for the accuracy of the whole simulation, the realism of the virtual sensors is crucial. This paper describes a method for simulating an automotive FMCW radar from the wave transmission up to the intermediate frequency signal. The wave propagation is simulated using(More)
A virtual world provides a completely controlled and safe testing environment for the development and testing of current and future automated driving systems. In order to provide conditions close to reality, the input data for the automated driving system generated by sensors for environmental perception have to match closely between virtual and real world.(More)